Vin Deca – It’s More Than Nice to Know

He calls me many names
Everyone lights a beautiful flame
Every flame is immune to the rain
And all that rain never gets me insane
Until heyday comes again

He holds me high
Calling me to Sinai
Giving me all I need He’ll quiet the dire
And stands with me in the mid of the fire
Until heyday comes again

Someone someone loves me

It’s more than Nice to Know
Spending all day just wondering how
I got ma Head so high yet taking a bow
Ever here now yeah blessed be Thou

It’s more than Nice to Know
Telling everybody who will listen to me
Tell’m heaven is about to be setting them free
Hanging on a tree you’ve given the key
It’s more than Nice to Know

He shows me many things
He builds a world at the stroke of a pen
And tears it down with a simple amen
Then meets me here in the lion’s den
At my mayday he’ll be here

He lifts his hand to repair the burns
And then heals my wounds at the sound of a tune
Renews my hope now before the return
At my mayday he’ll be here

© Copyright 2019 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by M.Halle.