Vin Deca – I’m Just Trying to be Myself

They look at me
They look at me 
They say crazy
Oh Crazy
Oh it’s me
When they speak at me
They ask themselves
What kind of man is this
Going against the rule they say
It’s just me

I am no mistake
The one who made me
Made me in the image of his own
I like his take
An all He’s made of me
Common believe and know it’s true
They look at me
They look at me
They keep on wondering why
I’m just trying to be myself
They tell me that
Oh they tell me that
You’re too different man
I’m busy being myself
They laugh at me
They laugh at me
They say this man
Has given his life for the song
Oh it’s true
Oh they tell me that
They tell me that
I’m mad in love with a spirit I don’t see
Oh if they only knew
Did you hear them say
Everyone’s born original
But most die a bloody damn copy
Please don’t make this stay true
Yeah they’re gonna tell you that
Do it like this
Do it like that
But don’t die a damn copy
The price is just too high
© Copyright 2019 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by Mbachi Halle.