Electro Positive Plus

After the release of the Dance EP Electro Positive in mid 2013, the next logical step for the ardent musician Vin Deca, who has been creating and engineering tunes since 2002 professionally, was to continue an astonishing electronic adventure with the release of a full album Electro Positive Plus.

The album, otherwise intended as an instrumental dance collection features new remixes of a song written by Vin Deca, “I Encourage You”, which was recorded by Cameroonian artist Myra Maimoh, and spent over 2 months on the NCM charts in 2011.

Born and raised in Cameroon as the son of a record producer and music entrepreneur, Vin Deca grew up being at home in one of Cameroon’s first commercial studios and labels: Bel-Pen Recordings, Bamenda; which his father started in the early eighties. He became part of  the creative and technical staff  there at the age of fourteen, which strengthened his security with most popular genres of music.

Owing it to more than two decades in the studio on his clock in Africa and in Europe, Vin Deca reaches out in “Electro Positive Plus” in todays terms, narrating with phrases and sentences from modern dance, swedish and progressive house, and, of course with the inevitable African accent.