How it began

Many happenings in life make little sense until a much later point in time.

Working as a songwriter, composer, producer and mix engineer in Germany since 2002, the idea of confining only to one genre or style of music has been out of the question for Vin Deca.

At 14 he became a force to reckon with in his father’s recording facility, Bel-Pen Recordings Bamenda, Cameroon. Serving two states as the only commercial recording studio back then, everything had to get finished quick, so the only way studio staff could exercise choice was how well to get the job done. Clients often came with a precise idea of what style of music they wanted and dance influenced rhythms were the most demanded.

Even though four on the floor was default in Vin Deca’s musical programming, it was not until 2013 that he decided to make his ancient love affair with dance music public with the release of a dance album.

It all began as one of those delightful accident. He received an order from a client to compose dance music which was his first creative exposure to the genre in years. Long before finishing the project, the dance bug had bitten him very badly, bringing up memories of listening to, creating and recording Afro Dance/House/Beat; enormously influenced by his father – Zachariah Halle Azoh-mbi, the many rhythm geniuses of Africa, Ace of Base, Manu Dibango, Madonna, Snap, Haddaway and Culture Beat.

The magic of starting with a bass drum, a melody, or sometimes even just a hi-hat, and ending up with a massive, colorful and dynamic world that energizes feet and bodies without sparing that of its sculptor became a new and lovely reality. Simply, it was an eruption of positive and perfect sonic beauty. He has never stopped crafting dance tracks ever since.

Vin Deca narrates in Electro Positive his electronic adventure in todays language; and of course with the inevitable african accent.