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NAME: Vin Deca

ATTITUDE: Music Mad Mind


DATE AND TIME OF BIRTH: 07.12 ca 02:00 

PLACE OF BIRTH: Bamenda, Cameroon.

RELOCATION TO GERMANY: 28.08.1998, ca. 14:00 Uhr

OFFICIAL PLAN FOR RELOCATION: study medicine, law or classical engineering – something solid


REALTY: songwriter, producer, mix engineer – and well, after a 12 year break, Vocal performer.

HOBBIES: aviation and cooking

INTERESTS: people, their stories and how they are doing

TRAVEL QUIRKS: likes gas stations and airports. Dislikes cues

TRAVEL PHILOSOPHY: In Rome, do whatever romans do if it doesn’t bring harm.

You were raised in a song factory. You are now based in Braunschweig, Germany and have been working there as a singer/songwriter, producer and mix engineer since ca.2003. You are back in front of a microphone (an Australian made tube condenser), for the first time in twelve years as a vocal performer – a passion you pursued enthusiastically for many years but gave up to concentrate on the creative and business side of music. You are music mad, hardworking, avid and  have created about a dozen albums for other artists. You are now halfway through the first album recorded with your own voice. Your album with working title “Hallelujah” will be released soon this year.