Vin Deca 

Vin Deca is a Cameroonian born singer/songwriter, producer, and engineer currently working in Braunschweig, Germany.  Blending African and Latin American influences with an extensive knowledge of pop, soul, and R&B, he creates a distinctive and joyful sound.

As the son of famed producer Zachariah Halle Azoh-Mbi, Vin Deca grew up immersed in music.  Under his father’s guidance, he spent his teenage years working as a composer, keyboardist, and technical assistant in one of Cameroon’s first commercial recording studios.  During these formative times, he developed an intricate working knowledge of how records were made.  He also fostered his natural gift for creating compelling melodies.  Despite his love of music, however, he decided to pursue a more traditional career in computer science.

Vin Deca enrolled in college in Germany, but he quickly found the academic world to be a poor fit for his artistic temperament.  Instead of devoting himself to his studies, he converted his dorm room into a makeshift recording studio, where he spent endless hours pursuing his true passion.  Eventually, Vin Deca abandoned his academic ambitions and made the leap to a full time music career.

Vin Deca’s decision proved to be the correct one, as he quickly became an in demand producer and engineer.  After years of working on a variety of diverse projects, he went solo in 2017.  His breakthrough came with the 2020 full length Jollily, a culmination of his years spent devoted to the art of music.  Vin Deca currently resides in Germany, where he continues to run his recording studio, educate the new generation, and create powerful and meaningful music.