Vin Deca 

You were raised in a song factory in Bamenda, Cameroon. You are now based in Braunschweig, Germany, where you have been working as a singer/songwriter, producer and mix engineer since 2002. You thought you will be flying planes for a living and tried to pursue it but you stumbled and fell back into your natural habitat – a recording studio. You have never not lived in one. You started by trying to sound like the great. You failed. Then you abandoned singing altogether and did everything humanly possible not to sing your songs, all along trying to make just about anyone who was willing your voice. At this too you failed terribly. No one could be you for you. So here you are, settled and deliberate. Your songs, your voice. You call the album Jollily (Release on 02 October 2020) because you are joyful about losing a fight that would have meant losing yourself had you won the fight.